Woman Enough To Cry

I always loved, I always cared
But there was a part of me that wasn't always there
But then you loved enough to stay
And so I found the self I lost along the way

The lights were off, the doors were closed
So how you found this love in me only heaven knows
Thank God and you who brought me here
An open woman found just in time for the living years

Feels like waves of my love breaking through
Now I can lay down and share me with you
I won't hold out I know now this life only lasts a while
So I'll love leaving none to hide from you

So no more words I'm holding back that I should say
And I won't hurt inside and tell you I'm okay
And every breath of love between us will be pure and true
'Cause now I'm a woman enough to cry with you

My Love

When i first talked to you
I didn't know what to say
But the more we talked
The more my heart gave away

But now when i think of you
And how you changed my life
I can't imagine
A day without your light

You light my day
As if you were the sun
You are the sense of my completion
When my difficult project is done

You are my strength, and wisdom
And the keeper of my heart
Whose grip never wakens
Even when we're apart

I think of you all day
And dream of you all night
And every night i wish
That you could hold me tight

You are always on my mind
No matter what time or day
Even when i shouldn't
I think about you anyway

And when i think of you this much
The day seems so long
And all the time we spend apart
Just seems so wrong

You are my special gift
Sent from up above
Sent to me from heaven
Sent for me to love

Thank you for your smile
And your light that fills my dreams
You always make it brighter
No matter how dark it seems

I think hard everyday..
Why i am like this..
Why i feel so depressed..

I even came to a point
That I don't know what to believe..
Because people around me gives me info with confusion
I had tears in my eyes for a long time,
I just got tired of wiping it away...
I feel so lonely...
So alone..

But then, I saw you.
You smiled at me..
And wipe my tears away..
You gave me life
And you slowly assemble the pieces in me.

Now, i don't care if they confused me..
I don't care if they exist or not...
As long as I have you..
I can live..
I have love...
I have you...
My life..
My heart...
My everything...
My love...
My Matthew...

The Love I've Never Met For the Moment

My love, I've never met,
Sound silly but it's true
I've seen not her face, and yet
The feelings still come through.

How can this be, one might ask
To love someone you've never seen
One might think, quite a task
Hard to explain, if you've never been.

Yet my love is real,
My heart knows
Things the mind can't feel
Like the beauty of a rose.

Just for her to be near
To feel her warm embrace
To this alone, I steer
'Tis the dream, I always chases.

I know I'll meet my love some day,
I know this to be true;
Face to face, I'll get to say

"I Love you!"

I love you, too...

My Prayer

Some pray to marry the man they love,

my prayer will somewhat vary:

I humbly pray to Heaven above

that I love the man I marry.