Untitled Piece

i saw my ex crush today
he seem to look okay
but seeing him drives me insane
knowing that he's happy
while im in pain

thinking of our past
is like thinking of some trash
a thing that was once new
full of spark and glee
that ended up in such tragedy

my heart is now bleeding
from this endless weeping
how i wish that i wont keep on screaming
till the end from the beginning
this led my life with no meaning

Birthday Bash

Today is my birthday and I feel so blessed that so many people remembered my day! Thank you everyone for making this birthday of mine special as always.. Even though I spent my birthday far away from you, I know deep inside that you're all beside me always.. Thank's for always being there for me! Please do know that I'll do the same.. I just wouldn't mention names cuz I believe you know who you are. I love you all and I hope you'll all stay the same..!

Latest Search Engine Chart

search engine chart

I treat these search engines as gods in my career.. If they will punish me, i'll be a dead meat! hehe! It aint that easy to be a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. It takes a lot of time, effort and a lot of reading! Reading and scavenging for new SEO tricks and tips in the net! SEO black hat tricks will do the work.. hehe! I never knew that gray hat tricks existed! Haven't read any gray tricks though.. Got some info for me?.. i'd be glad if you could give links on where to get good advices..

Same Shit Different Day... Grrrrrr!!!

Everyday, i wake up early in the morning. When i say early, it's 5:10AM. Yes.. I wake up 5:10 cuz i move like a turtle.. hehe! Our office hour starts at 8:00AM and I always arrive just in the nick of time. But usually, I'm late! And I dont worry cuz i wont get memos of all my tardies.. salary deductions only.. hehe! I'm abusive huh?.. That's because.. ***Some text missing*** hehe!